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PVC Lettering

PVC lettering is a good choice for both interior and exterior use, it is a durable material, lasting under exposure to all conditions. It is lightweight so installation on most surfaces is easy. Each PVC letter has a thickness of up to 25mm, so now your brand can really make an impact.

If you need a specific font or colour, or if ordering from outside of New Zealand, please contact us for a quote.

Please refer to our Measurement Guide for your 3D sign:

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Installation Options

There are four options for installing your 3D sign:

  • stud mount (6mm off the wall)
  • stud mount (12mm off the wall)
  • double sided tape (tape supplied)
  • screws (not supplied)
  • glue (not supplied)

If you select double sided tape or one of the stud mount options, the fixings will be supplied. If you select screws or glue, these will not be supplied.

If you are not sure which method - don't panic!

We have some very helpful installation videos to help you decide which is the best option for you.

Orders will generally take 10 working days to be dispatched.

Click here to see our measurement guide


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Things to consider before buying your sign:

  1. Measure the overall size of the area you have to fit the sign. Bear in mind you may not want to fill this area completely.
  2. Decide which font style you'd like for your letters (e.g. Times New Roman, Courier, Helvetica etc.).
  3. Decide on the colour you'd like your letters to be.