Add a new dimension to your business with a 3D sign

Create your 3D sign online and save money in 3 easy steps

Which material type is right for you?

3D Letters have 4 different lettering and numbering materials to choose from, for unique DIY signs. The first important factor when deciding which material is the best when designing your online signage is whether the sign will be situated indoors or outdoors.

Indoor business signs

Suitable materials for indoor signs are:

Outdoor business signs

The most appropriate, durable materials for outdoor locations are:

Choosing the Size of Your 3D lettering

This will be determined by the space you have available to install the signage. You need the lettering to be big enough to fill the space but have the right distance between each letter for the sign to be read easily.

Choosing a Style for Your 3D lettering

The style of lettering should be in line with the business brand so the sign becomes part of the business and is easily recognised. Take note of the distance that people will be reading your office sign. For instance, script typefaces are harder to read over longer distances than capital letters.

Choosing the Colour of Lettering

Again, this should be in line with the branding of the business, so there is cohesion with the overall style and look. It will also need to contrast with the background on which you are installing the lettering. Dark backgrounds should use lighter colour lettering and vice versa.

PVC Letters

PVC lettering is a good choice for both interior and exterior use, it is a durable material, lasting under exposure to all conditions. It is lightweight so installation on most surfaces is easy. Each PVC letter has a thickness of up to 25mm, so now your brand can really make an impact.

ACM Letters

ACM lettering is fabricated from aluminum composite material or panels. This material is long lasting, suitable for indoor and outdoor use. It is a cost effective solution especially when used for large cut out letters.

Acrylic Letters

Acrylic lettering can be used indoors and outdoors. It’s a highly durable material, with a professional and elegant finish, that comes in a large range of colours and fonts. This material can also be transparent.

MDF Letters

MDF is engineered wood, combining wood fibres with wax and a resin binder under high temperature and pressure to form panels. MDF lettering is sturdy and suitable for indoor use only. It is a cost effective way to promote your business and brand.

Which material type is right for you?

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Things to consider before buying your sign:

  1. Measure the overall size of the area you have to fit the sign. Bear in mind you may not want to fill this area completely.
  2. Decide which font style you'd like for your letters (e.g. Times New Roman, Courier, Helvetica etc.).
  3. Decide on the colour you'd like your letters to be.